The Sovereignty of Music Media is the core drive for Sm2’s existence with a passion for serving our world audience, the most diverse and fresh music anywhere on the planet. With Sm2’s I-Radios streaming consistent quality programs, it is our hope that your musical exploration will be a pleasant one.

It is nice to have one trusted source

Your confidence will surge at Sm2 with its ongoing research and dedication for quality streaming. Our team of industry professionals, are here to provide you a variety of services and products to make your experience at Sm2 a memorable one.

Besides offering a wide choice of musical streams, Sm2 will also be providing a host of services and products from downloadable music, cd's, vinyl records, and new artist label representation.

Founded and managed by music enthusiasts, you can be assured Sm2 will continue it's promise to provide the very best to our listeners.

The Proof is in the listening

Stay tuned for more stations and other broadcasts coming your way. Sm2 is committed to reach those that have asked for our presence.

Thank you for tuning in. As your host, we constantly strive to better serve you.

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